this is a definite theme in my life, moving, moving back, moving forward, packing, unpacking, sorting, resorting, losing things, tossing things, starting over.

i like to move it move it, she likes to move it move it, we like to move it move it…okay, i’ll stop.

Seriously I blogged about moving my studio over to waterloo, was very excited, took pictures, set up shop, took friends on little tours, enjoyed the freedom and space…and yet…i moved again. A part of me was sad at first, a little frustrated about the wasted time…..but last night, after the Indians game, i was able to wander into the former studio/living room/new studio and paint in my jammies. It was nice.

i’m even painting differently now, not quite as creepy, the scaries in my life have gone back into hiding and i’m able to use brighter colors and let the sillies out to play. My newest canvas has lovely piranhas with big sharp fangs swimming about….hmmm, okay, still a little creepy, but in a happy to be alive sort of way.

no pictures of this studio space, the furniture is all askew and the easel and tables are plopped dead center in front of the picture window, drafting table takes up a nice corner and the boxes are an abstract art form in themselves. whew, back to normal. Some people have pretty living rooms, white carpeting, beautifully upolstered furniture, lovely knickedy knacks… we have something in common, living rooms that can’t be lived in…enter at your own risk!

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