Autumn Awakening Art Show

Autumn Awakening Art Show….Friday, September 28th from 7-9 pm
Saturday, September 29th from 11-7 pm….with an
party afterwards in the Sculpture Garden, we’ve hired a band, “Miles Beyond” and I, for one, am looking forward to chilling out in the garden after all the hoopla!

There is a certain sort of insanity that is required for putting on art shows, there are no guarantees anyone will show, will like what they see, will have the disposable income to support our habit….I like the whole process though, something new to look forward to, like extra holidays, extra birthdays, an excuse to get together with friends and strangers.
It really does feel like an extra holiday, with no rules to break, or customs to trample with my irreverent sense of fun.

Getting ready for this show is a little tougher than the last, the space is a whole lot messier to get ready ( the building is under construction still) and a lot of my pieces need to be finished…( just finished Sparx and sold some…)
No complaints though, I love holidays! Autumn Awakening..come celebrate with me!

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