look ma, i made it myself! I am just about as giddy as a 7 year old bringing home her first art project from school. This is my latest welding project, the disks start out grungy and gross and they get sanded down and then fixed together with the….welder….fun! It’s a candle holder, the small disks are level and get a tea light candle a piece. It’s heavy, quite sturdy and simply beautiful when lit….i’ll take a pic later.
Jerry Schmidt, the metal sculpturer, is teaching me the ropes and letting me play in his studio….thanks!
He said he was impressed by my lack of fear….interesting…..it wasn’t until he told me some horror stories that I realized what exactly I should fear…stupidity can take you quite far.
ENTER…the enchanted garden art show is a couple weeks away, I have projects from one end of my studio to the next to finish up…and what am I doing with my spare time….learning to weld. ? Ah, well, who knows where this winding road called my art career will lead me to next!
FYI…..I have a real website for my business now…http://imagine-studios.org/ typing that makes me smile! It’s still a little rough and needs some tweaking, but it’s up, come see.
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  1. This work is really to be appreciable. I wish to see this stand with lightning candles on it.I would like to suggest an art gallery for art related workhttp://www.chumthang.org

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