broke out

I gave fair warning that my life changes rapid fire, and bam, it’s all different again. I broke out of the cubicle life…feel a little like Paris Hilton, I’M FREE! I did my time, served my sentence, gave it a shot…knowing full well I didn’t belong. What got into me, thinking I could go to work everyday in clean pressed clothes, with clean hands and no opportunity to sit on the floor or sing out of tune to music too loud. Yeah, what was I thinking?

Just like school, I looked forward to recess, and watched a clock and schemed how to make it through intensly boring meetings…pinching my arm to keep awake, pounding too much caffeine, doodling on the legal pads.

I took this job to please someone in my life, wrong reason.

Here’s a little truth, I love having 15 plus different projects spinning around me at once, i love the crazy life of meeting deadlines and jumping through hoops and making a mess into something interesting. So….I took not one, but two new jobs, just cuz they sound really fun.
I am now a Mad Scientist….my job is to go into schools and get kids jazzed up on science, by doing wild hands on experiments with them. Workshops, birthday parties, summer camp, after school science clubs. Slime, dry ice, mud, magnets, rockets….cool, very cool.

And, i also started waitressing at the Improv in the flats last night. It’s insanely fast paced and pitch black in there, but fun and i get to see some cool acts.

I also took on a couple ‘out of my league’ art projects with unrealistic deadlines, to stress out about and stay up too late trying to figure out how i’ll ever pull this off….

To top it all off I still have my regular job of teaching creative writing and poetry, painting and getting ready for art shows and pushing my creations onto the general public…..

….. my life is back to normal, and i love every second of it.

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