Today is a good day to do happy art, all of Cleveland seems to be sporting smiles…happy Clevelanders, that’s something to write home about. There’s so much anticipation in the air, so much energy and good wishes going on…”rise up” they shout to each other in the streets. So many people of all different stripes wearing the same t-shirts, speaking the same language…basketball. There’s nothing ‘basketball’ about this piece, I know that, you know that….but the swirls and the flowers, the clear colors…good energy, just like I feel walking down East 9th…..
I’m working full time now, in an office. The BBB, right across from Jacobs field. Never before worked in an office, have very little marketable skills and honestly am quite shocked to have been offered this job. But absolutely love being downtown at such a time is this, it’s exciting and with a whole hour of free time to explore the city…I can’t complain. ( I have though, and to all of you that had to hear my whiney whines, I do apologize, jobs are few and far between around here it seems and this is a good one, so I have to admit how very blessed I am)
Regardless of the outcome of this series, and regardless of how long I stay at this job, for the moment, well, I am really enjoying the moment, each and every one. Life is short, let your soul swing.
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