seen one tree, seen them all…” i’ve heard that phrase more than i care to admit in the past couple months, after about the 4th rendition, i had to wonder….hmmm, i wondered…..are my paintings really that boring, were clevelanders really so anti-tree hugging, or could there be another explanation….thankfully, there was a ‘kind man’ (hmpf) who let me in on the whole rude drive-by bashing that had been happening….it’s a quote, by President Reagan…ohhhhh I see…..but it’s still rude. I like my trees, especially now that I’m phasing out of the canvas and deciding to salvage old pieces of solid wood from one of my many insane remodeling projects…..feel so much more wholesome, real, like everything to this point has been like fake plastic flowers vs silk, pretty well made silk vs the real deal, cut flowers vs potted, potted vs in the earth…..seedlings to the compost…..and back again…..

the actual quote, in context, is a bit less biting…

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