a view from behind the screen, this is where i spent my week, there was a massage therapist…a garden center, a jewelry maker ( absoutely beautiful stuff), a photographer, some clothing artists and more….a fun group of people. This is really not my favorite way to spend a day, used to running around like a chicken with her head cut off, hard to supress those chicken-like urges….but I did get all the editing and grading done for my writing classes, planned out the rest of the semester, painted some, worked on a freelance job, read a little…drank coffeeeeeeeee and talked to interesting individuals. Plus, I love downtown, even love the crazy drive, it’s a challenge with all the unending construction, but I can’t help loving the city, flaws and all.

May 6th is the studio tour in Medina, have very pretty invitations to send out, they remind me of wedding invites. I’m excited about it, even with the whole animal in a zoo analogy I keep imagining….. ( people walking through, observing me ‘at work’ ) joked about liking peanuts far too many times. I’m done now. There will be 5 artist studios open to the public and 6 artists set up at the Grace Drake Center for the Arts. tickets on sale now!

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