open the next door

“open the next door” The words in this collage read, ‘when one door of happiness closes it’s time to open the next one, but so often we spend so much time looking at the closed door we fail to see the one that has been opened for us ‘ it’s done on a 2 inch thick gallery wrapped canvas. There is a so much truth to that statement. I’m naively walking into the unknown, opening doors and walking into situations completely unprepared. Not unprepared in the sense that I didn’t try to anticipate the possibilities and prepare. I did….the best as I knew how.
The clock keeps moving forward and I need to do the same, try all the keys that I’ve been given and see where they take me.
Currently I’m showing my work at the Galleria downtown, it’s been an interesting couple of days. Standing there in front of pieces of my soul, while people comment on this or that, or walk on by without a word. It takes a new character trait, one I haven’t tried on lately, Audacity. And alot of it. This is a new door…and my feet haven’t quite found level floor yet.
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