love the crazies

Goodbye ‘I spy’. This tree is going to the Pop Shop tonight, to be donated to the Butterfly Effect benefit show. A happy accident, believe it or not this painting started out to be a very large coffee cup with swirly steam…gave up and went back to what i know…..trees, well, i do know coffee, we are very close in fact…hmmm

In the midst of the crazies right now, the few short days until a big event throws me into a beautiful state of high energy creativity….ideas hit me like wild and i’m scribbling them down, writing weird poetry, playing music too loud and loving every minute of it.

Driving home from teaching the other day an idea hit me that I can’t wait to get started on…..but i have to…..there are so many last minute details to attend to. Ugh, details. details = reality = responsibilities = stress…..but i love it!

Again, check out the Pop Shop, custom framing, art gallery, very cool artists, the real deal.


One thought on “love the crazies

  1. How wonderful of you to have donated! I’m going to try and make it out to to the benefit. (In other words if I can convince the husband to go.)

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