magic wishing wands

The first pic is the box i make to put my little creations in, it’s handpainted, embellished and lined with pretty fabric….the perfect home for my magic wishing wands…..they just make me smile. Looking at them reminds me of sitting in my tree reading fairy tales …. visiting places that understood how very important wishes are, how very important dreams are, those books knew that thoughts and feelings have incredible weight.
Alice in Wonderland, The Ugly Duckling, The Little Match Girl, The Handless Maiden, The Red Shoes…..the brothers Grimm, myths, fairy tales from other countries, fairy tales from other cultures…..they all expose the true nature of a person, the deepest part. While in our everyday everydayness we normalize the abnormal, and hide the parts of us that are wild and untamed. In a fairy tale all that is brought into the open and magically what you wish for, does come true.
There’s a magic in everyday life though too….the magic of a true friendship, the magic moment when your child begins to read, the magic of fresh food from your own garden, the magic of a rainstorm, the magic of waking up and starting fresh…..
By the way, I have these up for sale on my Etsy site…the first link on your right…..