i know you

‘i know you’ …..this painting survived indifference, a couple of challenging moves and was threatened to be gessoed out numerous times, erased from existence. BUT….i sort of always liked it….sort of…but, ‘something’ was missing, there wasn’t any oomph, no soul, no prescense, no purpose. Until i realized that her faults were mine too….i knew her…like the back of my hand, (like the collaged words say on the trunk.) I love meeting people you just ‘know’ too….when there’s that comfortable, barely have to try connection between two souls…..
She got new life with a couple of birds in her branches whispering sweet nothings, some metal leaves and a whole lot of beads on the forest floor where she lives. I got new life too, added some comfortable new friends and a new direction to my work and to be honest, a whole lot of beads on my studio floor!…..we’re both happy now.