hippie flowers

This is a piece from my ‘hippie flower’ collection…..i like the contrasting colors and their ‘here i am, what you see is what you get’ attitude…..it’s painted on a thick gallery wrapped canvas, so it doesn’t need framing, easy going, will hang out where ever……
this line is going to the garden show with me next week, along with some of the trees…..i’m taking inventory right now, things are in a serious state of disarray around the studio….the more i try to organize and get it all together…the worse it gets. Since taking over the living room, I do have more space…but no storage, that’s a problem…maybe i should have taken over the kitchen, there are lots of cupboards in there………


2 thoughts on “hippie flowers

  1. Thanks for the add to your favorite places. :)I completely identify with taking over a “living room” as my current work space is our dining room/kitchen table in our tiny condo. Can’t wait until we get a house! I’ll be checking back to visit again and check out your work!

  2. thanks for your comment! No matter the size of the space, art is a messy business. My studio is looking much better, I ended up hanging my stuff on every wall….lead the eye up, I say. :)

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