My Art schedule

Here’s the rundown of some current shows and events i’ll be working…

April 14th i’ll have a piece at the Pop Shop in Lakewood for their show, ” The Butterfly Effect”, it’s a benefit for people who suffer from a skin condition nicknamed the butterfly disease which causes severly fragile skin. Area artists are donating works to this to raise money for research.

April 16th to the 22nd “Gardens Under Glass” at the Galleria in downtown Cleveland….this is obviously a garden show, landscapers and garden shops will be setting up their pretty displays for everyone to ooo and ahh over after a long cleveland winter…..and then they’ll be me, with my barren trees…… *shrug*
The Galleria is a nice place to spend the day anyways, the roof is all glass ( hence, gardens under glass…) and i can watch the clouds move and the weather change…very nice and the people are a great mix. Last time i showed down there that was the highlight, getting to talk to so many different folks….and hearing their very different reactions.

Then sometimes near the end of April I’ll have a piece auctioned during the WVIZ/PBS auction..

May 1st, I send 20 pieces off to a Put in Bay gallery.

May 6th, is the Studio Tour in Medina, I’ll have a pseudo studio set up in the Grace Drake building, people will be buying tickets and going from studio to studio to watch artists at work….like animals in a zoo!
fun, I like peanuts by the way.

June 2-16th is JAR, June Artists Review, put on by Artists Review magazine, the opening reception will have live bands, food, drink, all good, I entered one piece called “Treasures in Darkness” I’ll post a picture soon.

July 20th to the 21 is a New Age festival in downtown Cleveland, all my hippie flowers and yoga chicks and weird little sculpture pieces are going to that one…..

August 12th is the Affair on the Square in Medina…..only the wire trees and wired collages will be attending.

Every other friday starting May 11th, I’ll also be the artist in the “Friday with the Artist” program at the Galleria…..

November 10th and 11th a christmas show at the John S. Knight center in Akron….Holiday Extravaganza